About Me

My technical skills, where I have been, and my goals


I am a Frontend Focused Software Developer with experience creating and maintaining a variety of websites, SPAs, embedded widgets, and shared utility libraries. I enjoy tackling new challenges, learning new technologies and skills in the process. Along with gathering knowledge I enthusiastically share it with others, mentoring when I can and generally being approachable to help in any way.


HTMLCSSReact.jsJavascript (JS)Typescript (TS)TailwindCSSGITGithubResponsive DesignCommunication


  1. Early Life

    Pre-Career, also known as "Childhood", sadly no notable career acheivements.

  2. Florida Institute of Technology
    B.S. Software Engineering
    Minor in Computational Mathmatics
  3. Availity
    Intern -> Developer 1A
    • Worked in a regulated environment, complying with HIPAA and government accessibility requirements.
    • Rebuilt the home page and navigation, with new frameworks (angularJS) and styling, serving 50k unique visitors per month.
    • Continuous contributions to companies' open source tools and libraries.
    • Reworked internal angular services to be usable with other frameworks like React (Availity/sdk-js). While doing so, cleaned up code with new ES6 syntax and updated tests using Jest.
    • Responsible for the mentorship and training of team members new to front-end development.
    • Provided assistance to employees across teams with AngularJS as well as internal tools and libraries.
  4. Prime Trust
    Senior Software Developer
    • Tech lead of a team of full-stack engineers for project migrating key internal front-end tools used by 75+ in sales, compliance and finance operation from Ember to React JSX with GraphQL and Ant Design frameworks.
    • Complied with requirements of financial regulations.
    • Built suites of tools to improve developer experience, including hooks, contexts, wrapping react-router to build navigation UI, and GraphQL tools that automatically apply filters from pagination and generating filter options from the schema.
    • Built and maintained 10+ apps and embedded scripts integrated into customer applications, including a credit-card processing app that handled over 2 Million transactions.
    • Improved security and PCI compliance of credit card and other private data collection while refactoring to isolate relevant codebases without interrupting the users experience.
    • Maintained a reputation as a helpful resource across the company for questions around the front-end as well as mentored 5 full-stack developers starting from a range of experience from recent bootcamp grads to senior level by teaching Javascript, ES6 and React concepts until they were comfortable doing feature work unassisted.


Professionally, the core of my goals for the future are to keep growing as a developer while learning and contributing to exciting projects. All while working alongside and colaborating with other talented people.

  • Become proficient with the Backend to become a Fullstack Developer
    • I have experimented with some basic servers for mock data or basic personal projects.
    • currently attempting websocket communication in Next.JS (with some help from T3) for the web-game project.
    • From databases to security and many other aspects of BE development, all I know is there is a lot I don't know.
  • Learn more of the art of UX design from scratch
    • I have experience executing provided designs and ideas, or at least examples, as well as making adjustments as I felt they were needed, but not creating them myself.
    • I'd like to practice the creative process to come up with more and better visuals
    • I find the psychology behind UX design very interesting and would like to learn more about it and how to encorperate it into my work.
    • Using art tools and related tools in the design process.
  • More technologies and frameworks outside of web applications.
    • I'd love to learn how to do more UI/UX work in different environments, such as desktop or mobile apps.
    • Physical projects like arduinio/raspberry pi based projects.